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Jody Sekas

Dreamer, Maker, Tinker, Creator

How did a family farm kid from Wisconsin end up as a designer and maker for theatre and film? Well, I'd say it's a natural pairing.

As a youngster out in the country, I had to make my own fun, imagining worlds and adventures as I ran through the fields and woods of my home. Growing up, I learned the values of hard work and perseverance through chores of course, but also creative problem-solving by helping my parents and grandparents make things, repair things and create necessary tools out of what was on-hand. Schooling introduced me to a broader world of music, literature, physics, drafting, carpentry, and art. I started college on a path to a career in engineering, but soon learned of a field I had not known of before - one that used ALL of the things I was good at and loved - Production Design and Technology!

Now, thirty years later I have used my creativity and skills to design and prop over 140 productions for over 20 venues in 5 states and 3 countries.

Time may have passed, but that imaginative, crafty, thrifty tinker kid is still going strong!

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